1 Dished Ends Knuckling Machine 25 mm thick x 4500 mm Dia. M/s Nuteck Engineering Co.P.Ltd., M.I.D.C, Bhosari, Pune 411 026
  2 300 T/150 T Hydraulic Tube Collapsing (Nozzling) Press M/s Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd., M.I.D.C, Ahmednagar
  3 Dished Ends Knuckling Machine 20 mm thick x 4000 mm Dia. M/s Diamond Engineers & Fabricators, “S” Block, M.I.D.C, Bhosari, Pune 411 026
  4 Structural Bending Machine (ISMB 200 edge-wise) M/s Yeshwant Industries,Pune 411 004
  5 2 strand 110 mm Sq. hot billet cutting flying shear M/s ISPL, Bombay
  6 1000 T Hydraulic Press M/s Buckau Wolf (I) Ltd., Pune 18
  7 1800 T Hydraulic Press for Auto Chassis Manufacture M/s Simplex Auto Industries, Jabalpur
  8 2 x 800 T Hydraulic Press for Auto Chassis manufacture M/s Simplex Auto Industries, Jabalpur
  9 Hot Tubes Cooling Bed 9 M x 18 M with in-built tube rotating arrangement M/s Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd., Ahmednagar
 10 3 Nos Pneumatic Tube and Bar Transfers - do -
 11 Tube Soaping and Pickling M/c - do -
 12 - do - - do -
 13 Automatic Tube Nozzling System including Unscrambler - do-
 14 13.5 x 3 Tube simultaneously drawing high speed Draw Bench with Hydraulic Tube pre-loading Devices - do -
 15 9 T x 3 tubes simultaneous draw high speed brass tube Draw Bench M/s Industrial Tube Mfgrs. P.Ltd., Bombay
 16 1 T semi automatic high speed Bull Block for tube drawing M/s Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd., Ahmednagar
 17 10 T Foundry Crane, 10/3 T Hot metal Crane, 12 x 6 x 4 M Annealing Furnace M/s Tunga Alloys P.Ltd.
 18 7.5 T x 19.1 M span H.O.T. Crane, 7.5 T x 14.1 M span H.O.T. Crane M/s Deccan Mechanical & Chemical Industries Ltd., Pune 411 004
 19 15 T E.O.T. Crane (Hilton rubber Co.) M/s Brady & Morris Engg. Co., Bombay
 20 20/3 T E.O.T. Crane M/s Picdan Heavy Equipments Ltd., Gajraulla, Moradabad, U.P.
 21 Know-how for manufacture of E.O.T. Cranes 5 to 50 T capacity, Spans upto 20 M M/s Shuraguwa Industries P.Ltd., Datta Mandir Road, Bombay 400 078
 22 Know-how for manufacture of Electric Hoists and small E.O.T. Cranes upto 5 T capacity M/s Zuari Engg. Services, 27, Sancoale Ind. Estate, Goa
 23 7.5 T capacity 16 M lift Electric Hoist for BARC critical area M/s Power Gear Engg. Co., Bombay
 24 3 T single line Pull Electric Winch totally enclosed in the boom of L&T’s Ore Stacker with micro speed - do-
 25 1 T and 2 T Hydraulic and Mech. Pallet Trucks M/s Shilpin Engineers, Kalyan
 26 Know-how for manufacture of Two stage Helical/Spur Gear Boxes (16 sizes – 16 ratios each horse power 2 to 1500) M/s Nuteck Engineering Co.P.Ltd., MIDC, Bhosari Pune 411 026
 27 Single and double stage Spiral Bevel/Helical Gear Boxes - do -
 28 Know-how for manufacture of Heavy duty Aerator Gear Boxes, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 HPs (1,00,000 Hrs guaranteed life of gear pairs & bearings) - do -
 29 100 HP Cooling Tower gear Box Spiral Bevel/Helical M/s Nuteck Engg. Co. P.Ltd., MIDC Bhosari, Pune 411 026
 30 Know-how for manufacture of Geared Couplings M/s Omega Engineering Works, Bhandup, Bombay 400 078
 31 Know-how for manufacture of Blast Freezer and Air Chilling Units M/s Shuraguwa Ind. P.Ltd., Bombay 400 078
 32 Know-how for manufacture of Truck mounted LPG Tank and ground LPG storage Tanks - do -
 33 1200 L Distillation Plant M/s Keton Epinols P.Ltd., Ahmedabad 14
 34 Dairy Machinery e.g. Cheese Vats, Ghee Boilers, Butter Churns, 30,000/40,000 /60,000/1,00,000
L Milk Silos, Rigid Chassis Road Tankers, 7,000/8,000/9,000/9,500
L Trailer Tankers, 12,000/12,500/13,000 L Storage Tanks, 1,000 to 20,000
L Milk Pumps, Milk Chilling Units, Multiple Wall Processing Tanks
M/s Dany Dairy & Food Engineers P.Ltd., Saharanpur
M/s Unitech Engineers, Saharanpur M/s Process Equipments, Pune 411 026
M/s Lloyds Steel Industries, Bombay
M/s Filtron India, Pune
M/s Bantia Steel Industries, Secunderabad
M/s Hind National Boom Co., Pune 411 026
 35 Industrial Kitchen Equipments, Crate Washers (for utensil washing), other Kitchen Equipments M/s Milky Way, Pune 411 003
M/s Amitron Engineering P.Ltd., Pune 411 026
 36 Rotary Milk “Can” Washer/ Straight-through Milk “Can” Washer M/s Swastik Iron & Safe Works, Anand
 37 Aluminium Ice Chambers for Milk “Cans” M/s Alfa Laval Ltd., Pune 411 012
 38 Pneumatic Milk Powder Conveying Plant for Bikaner Dairy M/s Dany Dairy & Food Engineers Ltd., Saharanpur
 39 Aluminium Milk “Can” Neck Truing Machine M/s Anup Engineering Works Ltd., Ahmedabad
 40 Rotary High Vacuum Pump 1,000 L/Min. M/s Jaydeep Engineers, Pune 411 005
 41 Mobile Trailer mounted Toilet Van (10 toilets) for Yatras, Melas etc. M/s Concept Engineers, Pune 411 004
 42 Powder Filling Machine (improvements) M/s Alfa Laval (I) Ltd., Pune
M/s Precision Tanks & Vessels P.Ltd., Haryana
 43 Hand operated/Wt. Operated Liquid/Grain Filling Machine M/s Bam, Pune 411 009
 44 Coating Pans, Tablet Counting Machine, Unscramblers, Powder Filling Machine M/s Zuari Engg. Services, Goa
 45 Welding Boom 6 M x 6 M with 60 T Rotators, Milk Can Neck Truing Machine M/s Alfa Laval (I) Ltd., Pune 411 012
 46 Cylindrical Shell Polishing Machine, Dished Ends Polishing Machine, Sheet Butt Welding Machine, Knuckling Machine for dairy, dished ends, sheet (Plain) Polishing machine M/s Alfa Laval (I) Ltd., Pune
M/s Dany Dairy & Food Engineers Ltd., Saharanpur
M/s Lloyds Steel Ind. Bombay
M/s Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd., Baramati
 47 20 T Rotator/10 T Rotator M/s Dany Dairy & Food Engineers
M/s Picdan Heavy Equipments Ltd.
M/s Uniteck Engineers
 48 150 T capacity Sand Storage and Handling Plant M/s Greaves Fosseco Ltd., Pune 411 019
 49 400 T Dishing Press, 25 mm thick x 4500 mm dia. M/s Picdan Heavy Equipments Ltd., Gajraula
 50 50 T/hr capacity Hot Tar Mix Plant M/s United Eight Bros Engineering Works, Pune 411 019
 51 API Tubes Stencil Printing/Punching-painting/varnishing/red oxide painting and packing facility M/s Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd., Ahmednagar
 52 150 T capacity Sand Storage and Handling Plant - do-
 53 Cooling Bed No. 6, Rail Precambering Device for Cooling Bed Nos 1 to 4 and Dual Drive type Dog Sinking Device and various types of RollerTables Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai (on behalf of M/s Simplex engineering & Foundry Works Ltd., Bhilai)
 54 Combined Reaction Vessels/Evaporator/Dryer and Filter, 600 Ltr and 1800 Ltrs. M/s Cipla Ltd., Bangalore
 55 300/150 T capacity Tube Nozzling Press (150 O.D tubes) 75 T Draw Bench 60 to 150 O.D Dual head Tube Chamfering Machine 100 to 250 O.D Dual head Tube Chamfering Machine 30 – 100 OD Tube Marking/Printing-oiling/varnishing/painting – bundling system Ultrasonic Tube Testing system – 40 to 90 O.D tubes. M/s Kalyani Seamless Tubes Ltd., Baramti.
 56 10 T and 2 T Draw Bench Wire Rope Pulling type with eccentric tube gripping to trolley tracks M/s Seamless Tubes & Technologies India Ltd., Ahmednagar (Indian Seamless)
 57 20,000 L capacity Crystallizer for Lactose M/s Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd., Baramati
 58 Development of inspired Air Jet type of air Injectors for water treatment plants, 7.5, 5, 3, 2 & 1 HP units M/s Amitron Engineering P.Ltd., Pune
 59 1000 L capacity High speed Batch Mixer for use in plastic/paint industry M/s Shalimar Paints Ltd., Nashik
 60 2 T x 10 Mtr Radial Arm Tower crane in modular construction from 6 to 15 M height, track mounted for bridge construction M/s Manoja Sthapathya, Pune
 61 Detailed engineering of 2,000 mm/1,500 mm Continuous Casting Machines of Essar Steel Ltd. Design of special Lifting Tackles for above machines M/s National Heavy Engineering Co-op. Ltd., Pune
 62 a) Continuous Strip Edges Rounding machine
b) Roll Changing Rig (HESS Forming Machines)
c) Wheel Cooling and Lubricating Arrangement
M/s Steel Strips Wheels Ltd., Chandigarh
 63 Drum Dryer M/s Praj Industries Ltd., Pune 411 004
 64 Pipe Measuring, Printing and Bundling System M/s Rajinder Pipes Ltd., Village Chiraura, Rania Industrial Area, Kanpur Dehat (U.P)
 65 Semi-automatic Tube Socketing Machine - do-
 66 30 T Coil Compactor M/s Isibars Ltd., Mumbai thru’ Demech Pune
 67 30 M Span 25/5 Ton capacity and 20 M lift Crane M/s GKW Ltd. thru’ Demech Pune
 68 220 CFT Ribbon Blender M/s Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd., Baramati
 69 5 MT capacity Conical Blender M/s Hoganas India Ltd., Ahmednagar
 70 Mechanisation of Ingot Trolley Turn Table M/s Mahindra Ugine Steel Co.Ltd., Khopoli, Maharashtra
 71 2 x 3 = 6 T & 6 x 2 = 12 T Dual Hoists for Power House (Hydro- Gates with remote operation/monitoring/positioning set up for various types of gates required in Power Houses. M/s Pioneer Iron Foundry P.Ltd., Jammu
 72 1) Elastomer slitting machine 0.6 – 2 mm thick 300 – 500 mm wide
2) Elastomer tape laying machine 96 boxes 96 tapes Tape size 0.6-2 mm thick 6-20 mm width
3) Material handling system for Wai Plant using cranes/ monorail /trolleys
4) Net stretching machine 20 M x 1.5 M x 60 T
5) Vendor evaluation for procurement of elastomer extruder to be used after Baanbury mill.
M/s Garware Wall Ropes Group, Pune
73 Development of tube front ends (Swagging/Nozzling) along with complete handling system including dust extraction.
38-75 mm OD tubes
3-12 M long 40 swagings/hr
M/s Thermax Ltd., Pune
 74 1) DS-80 Fish Net Stretching M/c Capacity-3M x 45M – 80T Pull Winch
2) Consultation on regular basis For solutions to engineering problems (Drives, Part Failures, Design Modifications)
M/s Garware Wall Ropes Group, Pune
 75 Complete Pipe Handling System after Spiral Welding Mill M/s GPT Pipe Industries (P) Ltd., Baroda
 76 Hot Rolled Coil Slitter 1.6 – 4 mm Thk x 600-1350 mm Width x 6 Slits (Max) – Matl. ST 42 M/s Jindal’s Vashind Plant
 77 Redesign of Assel Mill Elongator- Roller with Chock assembly for better life M/s SAW Pipes- Sinnar
 78 Analysis of Gear Drive System failure & suggesting remedial measures for Paper M/c #3 & #5 M/s ITC Bhadrachalam
1 M/s Picdan Heavy Equipments Ltd., Gajaraula New Unit (A Dany Dairy * PICUP Joint sector project)
2 M/s Dany Dairy & Food Engineers Ltd., Saharanpur, near Moradabad Modernisation and product diversification programme
3 M/s Unitech Engineers P.Ltd., Saharanpur - do -
4 M/s Nuteck Engineering Co.P.Ltd., MIDC Bhosari, Pune 411 026 Turnkey project from supply of know-how to actual production of Gear Boxes
5 M/s Zuary Engineering Services, Goa Product diversification, planning for Hoists and Dairy Machinery
6 M/s Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd., MIDC Ahmednagar Consultation for manufacture of thick walled small dia. Tubes (used in Diesel Engine Fuel Injection System)
7 M/s Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd., MIDC Ahmednagar Indigenous manufacture of complete Mill equipment except Mill Housing (which were imported).

1 TANSI, CHENNAI Manufacture of Dairy Equipments
2 Pradeshiya Industrial & Investment Corpn. Of U.P.Ltd. 50,000 TPS Seamless Tube Manufacturing Plant
3 Rajinder Pipes Ltd., Kanpur 50,000 TPA Seamless Tube Manufacturing Plant
4 Bhartia Electric Steel Ltd., Calcutta 1,20,000 Railway wheels and axle manufacturing plant for Indian Railways
5 Parashurampuria Synthetics Ltd., Bombay Evaluation of Krishna Steel Ltd., TTC and Wadala Works for take-over purpose
6 Vikrant Malleables P.Ltd., Waluj, Aurangabad TEFR for rehabilitation of existing foundry
7 Mangalore Steels & Alloys P.Ltd., Mangalore TEFR on backward integration of existing Rolling Mill
8 BPL Group Evaluation of Govt. Mini Steel Plant at Calicat for take over purpose.
9 Poddar Steels P.Ltd., Bombay TEFR for manufacture of 10,000 TPS stainless steel tubes by Hydraulic Extrusion Process.
10 Rajinder Pipes Ltd., Kanpur TEFR for manufacture of 50,000/1,00,000 TPA SAW Pipes at Raipur